Tim Phillians Receives the Lifetime Achievement Award

CEA News & Notes Volume 36 Number 3
August-September 2014

By: Susan Nell, Awards Committee Chair

The Lifetime Achievement Award is the highest award offered by CEA. Tim Phillians has been actively involved in CEA since 1987. He has held numerous elected offices at both the regional and national levels, including President of CEA (2002-2004) and Region 3 Director (1995-1999). He has served diligently on CEA committees (and at all three levels). Currently he is in a leadership position at the state, regional and national levels - serving as Executive Director for CEA of Ohio, Treasurer of CEA Region 3 and President’s Council Chair.

His contributions to CEA are numerous. He has worked tirelessly on the CEA National Audit Standards and has been active on the Standards Commission. Tim has been a CEA Auditor since its inception. He authored a completely revised Policies and Procedures Manual for the National Board. Tim has chaired the Constitution, Bylaws and P&P committee for years and continues to serve on the committee. His body of knowledge has proven time and time again to be invaluable for the National Board of Directors. He rewrote the Regional Constitution literally from scraps of paper! He revised the “cookbook” manual for National Conference operations, making it “more hands on” and practical. He has served as Oversight Chair for five national conferences. Whenever CEA needs a volunteer, Tim is first in line to accept responsibility. No committee is too large or insignificant for Tim’s active participation. CEA as an organization has benefited significantly from his involvement.

Tim continues his support and contribution to the betterment of CEA in lesser though no less vital roles. The CEA Historian, Dr. Jerry McGlone stated, “No former CEA President has contributed more or for longer after their Presidency than Tim Phillians. His dedication and commitment to CEA is of the highest order. In my opinion, few have advanced the Organization more in the last 27 years than Tim Phillians. CEA would not be the organization it is today without him.”