Teacher of the Year

The nominee must meet the following criteria to be eligible Region III Teacher of the Year: (CEA National’s criteria)

  • Must have two years’ experience as a correctional educator
  • Must have 51% of teaching time in the classroom
  • Must have been a CEA member one year prior to nomination
  • Must demonstrate leadership qualities, devotion to the teaching profession as evidenced by willingness to work beyond his/ her job description

About CEA Region III...

CEA's Region III is one of the nine regions that make up the National CEA organization.

CEA Region III consists of the following six states: Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Kentucky, Ohio, and Wisconsin.

Tennessee, now in CEA Region VII, was a part of Region III until the mid-1980s.

Region III has the distinguished honor of having 14 members proudly serve as President of the Correctional Education Association.

Region III has hosted seven national conferences and its members have been quite active in providing assistance to other CEA regions.

Region III has had the highest number of memberships in CEA and its members have played a significant role in the national organization’s events and activities.

*Bold states are links to their respective websites

2017 International Leadership Forum with
Region 3 & 4 Conference & Training Event
"Correctional Education Rocks!"

The Leadership Forum

The Leadership Forum offers information on the current climate of corrections, rehabilitation, education and reentry with workshops, training, motivational speeches, discussion groups, discussion panels, networking, and technology.

Region 3 & 4 Conference and Training Event

Region 3 & 4 Conference and Training Event will honor Teachers of the Year from North Dakota, Nebraska, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio.

Sunday, April 9th through Tuesday, April 11th, 2017

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